Monday Update on Kindred Hearts 25th November 2019 On Zee World

Kindred Hearts Update Monday 25th November 2019: Jhanvi comes out from the bath. Aditya asks that glow is from Haldi or because of his love. She smiles. He then asks how she feels.. she is soon going to be his wife. She says it’s like a dream. She never thought it was possible. He promises he will give her all happiness. She says if she thinks now, then she thinks they were destined to be together.

Kindred Hearts Update Monday 25 November 2019

Flashbacks come how they met and fell in love. He says he used to think there was no hope in his life before she came into his life. After she came, he felt life is still left. She’s his best friend and he can share everything with her. In fact, she understands everything before he even says. But he feels that her life has become tough after he came into her life. He promises he will change everything and will keep her happy. She deserves the best. Jhanvi gets lost in thoughts. He asks whether she’s okay. She asks him to go and see Nisha. Something doesn’t feel right. He says she’s fine. She’s taken care of. She insists. He says ok he will go. He leaves.

Kaku calls Raj asking about Aditya. Raj says Aditya went to hospital to see Nisha. Kaku gets some evil ideas.

Aditya comes to Nisha’s room. He asks nurse whether Nisha is fine. Nurse says her condition is still same. A hospital staff comes and tells Aditya that doctor is calling him. He comes to a room and it’s dark. Someone grabs him and he is given an injection with the help of the staff member. It was Kaku. He tells nurse he will take care now. They put bandaid all over Aditya’s face and tries to take him out of hospital. Kaku dresses up as a doctor. Staff member is called by another doctor and he leaves Aditya on stretcher in the lobby. Baba comes and sits there. Kaku sees him and goes to change his clothes. He then comes to Baba. Baba says he came to see Nisha. Kaku takes him inside. Staff member comes back and takes Aditya somewhere.

Jhanvi wakes up in middle of night and screams “Aditya”. Her mother comes there. Jhanvi says Aditya is not fine. She has to go. Her mother tries stopping her. Jhanvi calls Aditya but he doesn’t pick up. She goes to his home and asks where is Aditya. Everyone comes out. Family member says he must be in his room. Jhanvi goes to his room. He is not there. She asks he didn’t come back from hospital. Raj calls hospital, Aditya’s friends. Jhanvi leaves to go to hospital.

Jhanvi comes to the hospital and asks everyone whether they seen Aditya. Everyone says no. In end, one nurse says he came today, but she didn’t talk to him about anything. Jhanvi asks the security guard for CCTV. He says no. Jhanvi requests him a lot and he agrees in end.

Everyone is worried at Aditya’s home. Baba says they should call police. Kaku says there is no need to call police. Aditya must have gone somewhere, maybe a bachelor party. He will be back. Baba says Aditya is very responsible. He always tells at home if he goes somewhere. They wonder whether what Jhanvi is feeling turns out to be true. Baba wants to call police, but Kaku makes him not to call police.

In CCTV footage, Jhanvi spots Aditya’s watch while he is taken away on stretcher. She tells the security guard that she is searching for him only. Where they took him? The guard says he was a patient, burned badly. He couldn’t be saved. He was from a Christian family and his family took his body little while ago. Jhanvi says it’s not possible. She asks for family’s contact info. The guard gives it to her.

Last rituals are going on of that body.

Jhanvi informs Kaki about that and says she will get him back.

Kaku is listening to music. Kaki says he should go and search for Aditya. Also tells him about what Jhanvi said her. She asks where he was. He didn’t see it? He asks what she thinks. Is he hospital security guard that he will check everybody? How he would know who came and left from hospital. He is just saying that he didn’t see Aditya there. Kaki says but he was there, right? Kaku gets mad and says this is what will happen if she doubts on her husband. She’s asking the same question again and again. He says he is also tensed, taking care of the whole family. So what if he came to relax for a few minutes. She can’t see that either? He asks her to go and leave him alone. She doesn’t go. He leaves then.