Monday Update on Game of Love 25th November 2019 On Starlife

Monday Update on Game of Love 25th November 2019 On Starlife, Shivaansh gets angry on Mannat. Varun smiles and comes to do a drama. He says don’t know where is Radhika, I m very tensed. Shivaansh says Radhika is missing, don’t worry, we will find her. Varun falls down and cries. Shivaansh and Nani ask him not to worry. Shivaansh says I will find her. He asks Nani to go downstairs, the function shouldn’t stop, else Sudha Bua will get another chance to taunt. Shivaansh says I will get Radhika back. Varun says I will also come, we will find her. Khanna says I will also come with you. Mannat says forgive me I didn’t know…. Shivaansh says just pray that my sister is safe, else I will not leave you.

Game of Love Monday 25 November Update

Varun is on the way and says I m reaching, no one should reach my wife until my work is done. Shivaansh and Khanna are also on the way. Shivaansh talks to Nandini and says don’t know how did this happen, I didn’t get any ransom call, help me, Radhika is my life. Mannat is also on the way, following Shivaansh. She says this happened because of me, I will find Radhika. Varun in bridal disguise comes to Radhika. He takes Radhika close to safe and tries to open the safe by her fingerprint. He holds opens her eyes to unlock the safe. He dumps Radhika and tries to open the safe. Radhika gets conscious. She hears the man saying shall I kill her. She worries.

Varun dances getting Shivaansh’s will. He hugs his aide. He gets shocked seeing Radhika gone. He asks where did Radhika go. Radhika reaches the road and asks someone to give a phone. The man helps. She calls Varun. He doesn’t answer. He asks his aide to find Radhika. She calls Shivaansh. She says Bhaiya, I…. The call disconnects. He asks where are you, tell me. Khanna says call ended. Shivaansh says call again. The man takes the phone from her. Shivaansh says ask the commissioner to trace this number, train sound was coming. Radhika runs seeing the goon.

Shivaansh gets Nandini’s call and gets the location. Shivaansh reaches the place. He shouts Radhika. She hides from the goon. Goon catches her. She shouts leave me. She runs away and gets shocked seeing a speeding car. Shivaansh pulls her hand and saves her. He hugs her and asks are you fine. She says he….. He says I m here, who were those people. Radhika says don’t know, that man was wearing something in red color, and a small kid was with him, they will kill me. He hugs her and asks Khanna to take her home. He says I will go and catch the culprit. He asks her where did they take her. She signs to show. Shivaansh runs after the goon. Mahesh sees his heartrate high on the tracker machine and worries. Shivaansh reaches the place and says there is no one here. He coughs by the fire smoke. He finds Mannat there. He asks why did you come here. She asks are you fine. He faints down in her lap. She says nothing will happen to you, you will get fine. She gets his phone and says there is no network. She shouts for help.

She takes Shivaansh in a rickshaw. She cries seeing him. She takes him to hospital and asks him not to worry. Doctor checks him. Khanna comes. Mannat says he is in ICU. He asks her to just leave. Mannat sees him from outside and cries. Tanha sa kuch…..plays…. khanna asks when will Shivaansh get conscious, tell me what’s in the reports. Shivaansh gets up. Khanna asks are you fine. Shivaansh says yes, how is Radhika. Khanna saays she is fine, don’t worry. Shivaansh asks about Shivani’s Sangeet. Khanna says its happening. Shivaansh says Bua will scold me on not finding me at home. He removes the oxygen mask and says there is no time. Mahesh stops him and says exactly, there is no time now. Shivaansh gets shocked.

Mannat lights a candle and prays for Shivaansh. She says he is here because of me, he will scold me a lot, but I won’t say anything, promise. Mahesh says your latest reports aren’t good, your heart is giving up, I can’t tell this to your family, why don’t you understand, you don’t have enough time. Khanna asks what do you mean. Mahesh says if that girl didn’t get him on time, don’t know what would have happened. Shivaansh says I want to spend my time with my family. Mahesh says your carelessness can kill you. Khanna says nothing will happen to him. He cries. Shivaansh says calm down, who will take me home if you faint, you can’t go home with this sad face. He says Mahesh I have go home, once Shivani’s Sangeet happens, I will come and meet you. He goes with Khanna. Mannat asks are you fine. He recalls her and says leave me. She asks why did you faint, I m sorry, I didn’t do this intentionally, I was trying to help Radhika, forgive me. He gets angry and leaves in his car. She cries.

Bua says its the limit, Shivaansh and Radhika are missing. Nani says he maybe stuck in work. Shivaansh and Khanna come. Nani asks where were you, its Shivani’s Sangeet. He asks why is it so dull here in Sangeet. Bua says there should be dhol playing here, you were missing and Radhika came in bad state. He asks where is Radhika. He sees Radhika and asks are you fine. She says yes and faints. He shouts to Dhruv. He asks him to call a doctor. Doctor checks Radhika and says she is fine, she fainted because of head injury. Nani curses the one who did this with Radhika. Varun makes a face. Doctor says call me if there is any problem. Shivaansh asks Dhruv to get medicines. Bua scolds Shivaansh and says your entire family is unlucky, your grandparents and then parents died, people get killed in this family. Nani says forget it, everything will get fine. Bua says we will see it that time, but now we don’t want this alliance. She asks Angad to return ring. Angad says but… Bua gets the ring from him and gives to Shivaansh. She takes Shivani’s ring from her hand. She says I m breaking Shivani and Angad’s relation.

She takes Angad. Angad and his family leave. Nani cries and asks Shivaansh what did this happen. Shivaansh sees Mannat and says all this happened because of you, you are responsible for this, I told you if any problem comes in my sister’s marriage, none will be worse, did I tell you or not, didn’t you understand. Mannat cries. Varun thinks he will throw out Mannat, my hardwork will go waste. She says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Varun says don’t throw her out of house. Shivaansh says no, I won’t let her go easily, until Radhika gets up, she won’t go anywhere, Radhika will decide her punishment. Munni waits at the temple for Mannat. She asks for a phone. The man gives his phone. Munni asks where are you, I m waiting outside the temple.

Mannat says I m coming. Shivaansh takes her phone. The man takes his phone back. He asks who is Munni, your sister…. She says more than that. He says then you will worry for her, what if I do the same. He asks Munni to go home alone, Mannat will get late. He says you will get late here, so I told this to her. She says she is a little girl. He says you should know a sister’s pain, lets see what happens with her. He goes. She calls Chachi and asks her to pick Munni. Chachi refuses and scolds her. Mannat cries. Varun says finally I got time to read the will. He gets shocked. He calls someone and says its a bad news, our game is over, I got the will, I have put my life at stake, I married Radhika thinking she will get all property, Shivaansh has given entire property to trust, Radhika will get one lakh per month from trust until she turns 50, are we beggars, but there is one clause, if we kill Shivaansh, his wife will get all the property, but what will we our benefit, I don’t understand, tell me what to do.

Shivaansh is with Radhika. He sees Mannat. He coughs. Mannat goes to give him water. Jaanejaan….plays…. She sits by Radhika’s side too. Its morning, Radhika gets conscious. He calls out everyone. Everyone comes there. Shivaansi asks Avi to call doctor and ask what to give her in food. He asks Mannat to get out and not show her face again. She cries and goes. She comes home and asks Chachi where is Munni. Chachi says don’t know, she didn’t come home. Mannat gets shocked. Chachi recalls talking to Varun and getting Munni kidnapped by Varun’s aide. Chachi says I went to find her, but I didn’t get her.

Mannat cries and prays for Munni. She recalls Shivaansh’s words and says this happened because of him. Shivaansh talks to doctor. Mannat comes and calls him out. He says I told you not to show your face again. She scolds him for putting Munni in danger intentionally. She says you should have punished me, what did Munni do. She says I was your fan, so I used to see red balloons when I saw you, songs used to play, I felt you are like hero, you are a villain in real life, I can’t be a villain’s fan, I know you care for family, its wrong to put others’ family in danger, Munni didn’t return home, I don’t know where to find her, this happened because of you, I know you will make a call to police and police will find Munni, but we are poor, I will get a chance to take revenge on you, its my promise to you. He asks are you done, get out, else I will call security. She leaves.