Mehek Update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Zee World (Season Finale Episode)

This Tuesday 26th Nov, Mehek Tuesday 26 November 2019 Update is another Episode on zee World, Get Mehek Written Update Tuesday 26 November 2019, On Mehek Update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Zee World Finale, Sharma cries and says to Suvetlana you are a witch. You killed our Mehek. Suvetlana and Arush leave. Kanta says I want to go to my Mehek, I want to see her. Suvetlana says I have heard that voice somewhere. Arush says lets go.

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Mehek Update Tuesday 26 November 2019 on Zee World

Kanta sees Mehek. She screams and cries. suvetlana sees her. She recalls everything. Suvetlana hides. Kanta sees shaurya and says I knew you would come back i knew you were here. Police comes. Kanta says Shaurya why is Mehek not waking up. Nurse says I think she is crazy. Shaury asays I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you. Kanta says what are you saying. This is Maehk and I am your Kanta. SHaurya says stay away from my Mehak. Maybe she is a fraud and she killed Mehek. Kanta says are mad. Kanta says listen. Inspector says what are you doing. THey take her out.

Suvetlana says thank God shaurya didn’t recall. This old woman is still alive. Inspector says we have to do her post mortem. Sharma cries. He says God took Mehek from us as well. There is nothing left in life. Shaurya says we have to live for her.

Sharma comes home. sajita says where is Mehek? Wehn will she come back> Sharma says I sent her to training camp. She needs to stay there. Sajit says she didn’t meet me before going? I will talk to her. Sharma says she can’t talk to everyone. This is their rule. She came home but you were asleep. She can meet you later. If you call her she would be in troubble. Sajita says I will call her first. Coach says try to understand. Sajita says she is my daughter. I will talk to her. If she doesn’t pick my call I will go there and meet her. shaurya says let me talk to them for permission. SAjita says okay.

Mehek’s funeral rites are being done. Everyone is crying. Swweti says how can this happen. How will i liev with all this. rashmi says life doesn’t stop. This is God’s decision. Look at Shaurya. Sharma comes too. He says I shouldn’t be pardoned. I couldn’t save my Mehek. Suvetlana and Arush come too. Shaurya picks Mehek and puts her body on the woods. He reaclls his moments with Mehek. Sajita comes there. She screams. she says my Mehek.. Shaurya you did this. You ruined my house. I should never have trusted you. You will beg for death. She screams adn says Mehek.. Please open your eyes. Sharam says Mehek has left us. Sajita says she can’t leave me alone. I want to go with her too. She says I will go with her. Everyone is crying. Shaurya does the rites and burns the body.Sajita screams and cries. Arush says we won mom. Suvetlana sits in the car adn sees Mehek at the back. She screams.

Swetlana sits in the car and sees Mehek at the back seat. She screams and runs outside. SHe says to Arush I saw her.. Who.. Shaurya says what happened? She says my back seat. Arush says tell us what happened. she says nothing. I saw a bad dream. Let’s go home Arush. Shaurya says yes you need rest. Swetlana says I wont go in this car. Shaury says you can take mine. Shaurya wonders what is wrong with her.

Swetlana says this is all my imagination because I am thinking about her. Is that her ghost? NO that can’t be true. She is gone. I need to relax. Swetlana gets a call. she gets shocked and stands up.. She drops the phone. Swetlana runs outside. Arush picks her and asys what happened. sHe says take me to baba. Arush says you need doctor. She says take me to baba right now.

Sweeti packs her bag. She asys ma isn’t well. You need my help I will stay here with you. Shaurya says dont worry about me. She says i am your sister. I am with you.
Swetlana says to baba she is scaring me. She will kill me. I saw her myself. I am not reacting. He says I told you to see her body burning. She says I saw it myself. She is back to kill me. She wont leave me. Please save me. I don’t know what to do. SHe is a ghost she can come anywhere. Please help me. He says if she is here her ghost will come to the place where she was killed. You have to feel her there. Only then I can see her. She says what will I tell people? He says I will change my look. I have to go there.

Swetlana comes to Mehek’s house. Sharma says why are you here after killing her get lost. She says let me put flowers here. Sharam says we don’t need your flower. Get lost. She says my God knows how much I loved Mehek. Shaurya says we are doing this for Mehek’s peace. Let her do this. Shaurya says thank you for coming here everyone. Mehek was a very positive human. Thank you for praying for her. Pandit ji starts pooja.
Baba is there as driver spreading sand everywhere. she says why is baba taking so long. Swetlana is sweating. someone gives her tissues. She says thank you. she she looks its Maek. Swetlana screams.. she says ghost.. ghost. Everyone looks at her and says what happened? Shaurya says what happened? Swetlana says she was here/ shaury says who? Shaurya says you are in shock. Come I will take you to your car.
She sits in her car and leaves. Shaurya says take care. Shaurya turns back.. He sees a pink dupatta. Shaurya sees that its Mehek. He is dazed. Shaurya hugs her. They both laugh.

Kanta comes and says stay together always. I always prayed for you both to come back. Now here you are. Shaurya says it had to end. Mehek says we should go before someone sees us. Mehek comes in. Kanta sees her house and recalls how they used to live there.
Sajita hugs Mehek and says Sharma told me everything or I would have killed myself. Mehek says I always felt something weird in this house. Its like I slept and woke up. Sajita says God has sent you to end this story. sharma says swetlana tried to killed you and you met Kanta too. Sajita says this explains the bad dreams you used to have

Mehek recalls doctor did her surgery. She told him everythin and asked him to tell everyone that she is dead. He said we should inform police too. Mehek said yes.
When shaurya was with Mehek, Mehek said I am alive. You will know the truth. You have to help me. Don’t tell anyone that I am alive. You have to help me find answers. She says you were right. We have a connection. we have to do this. Tell everyone I amd dead so we can expose Shaurya.

Shaurya told inspector that they have to do this drama. Mehek said she has to pay for her sins. Sharma says I didn’t know what will I do without you. Mehek says I need your help. I was born again to be with my Shaurya. We wont go anywhere before completing it.
SAjita comes to store and sees the old photos. Mehek sees her wedding photo too. Shaurya faints. Mahke says shaurya.. He hugs her. He says we are made for each other.
Mehek recalls how they replaced her when everyone was doing rites.
Shauyra says I always saw bad dreams. Like I am seeing a film. I couldn’t tell anyone what was happening. Mehek says me too. THen I came to Dehli and met you again. I could neber go away from you. He says when I went to Khana mansion I felt I have been there. Mehek says Swetlana has to pay for what she did to our family. We gave her chances. But she ruined our family. We will punish her with death. Kanta says I lost everything but now I have everything back. SHaurya says we will take our happiness back from her. Sajita says I am really worried. Kanta says i am a mom too. I know what you feel. I lost my whole family but didn’t lose faith. You shouldn’t lose faith too.

Baba comes to Swetlana. She says you are fake. You can’t do anything. He leaves in anger.
Mehek and shaurya come to Khanna mansion. She says you two were married here. Everything ended in the end. Mehek says they are all around us. In another life. We will meet them again. Sweeti hugs Mehek and says God is there for miracles. Thank God you’re back. ARush is so disgusting. He played with our emotions. I am stupid. Mehek ays it was God’s way of telling you. You will have a person like you. Sweeti takes them inside.
Mehek and Shaurya do arti. Yuvraj and dadi come home. He says I heard about Mehek’s death. He sees Mehek and says its a ghost. Dadi says there is a ghost. Shaurya says I will ell you everything.


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