Married Again Season 2: Full story, Plot Summary, casts, teasers Zee World

Married Again Season 2 full story: focuses on two old lovers Raj and Divya who are separated by circumstances but after 10 years, Divya who is now a popular TV actress, returns to rekindle her love with Raj. She, however, learns that Raj is now married to Sarita.

Married Again Season 2 Full story

The story starts with Raj and Sarita’s marriage ceremony, an alliance set up by their parents. While Sarita is prepared to commit her whole life and future to her husband, Raj does not want it that way. Bowing to parental pressure, he finally agrees to marry her. He vows that he would never give Sarita the rights of a wife because he is in love with someone else – Divya.

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Divya is Raj’s college-time lover. However, she loses her parents in an accident and becomes the sole breadwinner of her family. In order to secure the future of her siblings, Divya abandoned her love (Raj)  to find work in Mumbai.

The story fast forwards to ten years. Divya is now a big star after her TV show Chhoti Bahu is declared a hit. The show finally ends and Divya decides to come back to Bhopal, her home town, to rekindle her relationship with Raj. But Raj and Sarita are married to each other, even though he still hasn’t accepted her as his wife.

Raj ignores all Sarita’s advances, so much so that the couple has not yet consummated their marriage. Ten years in a loveless marriage makes Sarita, who used to be a happy-go-lucky girl, a bitter woman. With no attention from her husband and constant baseless allegations and taunts from her in-laws, she has become grim and sullen.

And Unlike the typical daughters-in-law, Sarita is a fierce woman who knows how to keep her in-laws in their place. When Divya learns that Raj has moved on, she gives her consent to an arranged marriage – she meets Gaurav, who falls in love with her at first sight. And the two agree to wed.

When Sarita learns about Divya’s wedding, she storms the Haldi ceremony and threatens her husband’s ex-lover, saying that she can marry only after she convinces Raj to give their own marriage a second chance.

Divya accepts this and comes to Raj’s house to stay, trying her best to bring him close to Sarita. But the efforts fail and Divya goes away because she does not want to be responsible for breaking up Sarita’s marriage.

Feeling that he has been very unfair to Sarita, Raj decides to be a good friend to her and help her find happiness with a new partner. Raj fixes Sarita’s marriage to Vikrant Suryavanshi – a rich widower; his little son Abhi adores Sarita and wants her to be his mother.

Along the line, Raj soon realizes that he loves Sarita and tells her about his feelings. She breaks her engagement and returns to Raj. However, when Raj’s younger sister gets into trouble, Sarita is forced to ask for Vikrant’s help. Vikrant’s condition for giving help is that Sarita must marry him. Having no choice, she agrees. Raj is disappointed.

Sarita and Raj get divorced. Vikrant and Sarita get married. Raj visits Divya and slips an engagement ring onto her finger. He wants to prove to Sarita that he can be happy too. All the while Vikrant fears Sarita’s attachment to Raj. Later Raj comes to know of the truth behind Sarita’s marriage to Vikrant. Raj asks Sarita to elope with him but she refuses.

Married Again 2 starts November on Zee World

Sarita falls in love with Vikrant but owing to a misunderstanding Vikrant becomes upset with her assuming she still has feelings for Raj. Raj sees the error of his ways and gets back together with Divya. Vikrant finally realises Sarita loves him but Sarita is accused of plotting the murder of Surabhi and is arrested.

Vikrant does all he can to free and prove his love for her and At the end, Vikrant and Sarita reunite and confess their love for each other after sorting all issues within them.

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Married Again season 2 will start November 21, 2019, and will replace The Heir on Zee World. 

Other information:

  • Name: Married Again season 2
  • Network: Zee World Africa
  • Start date: 21 November 2019
  • Episodes: 148
  • No in Season: 2
  • Indian name: Punar Vivah – Ek Nayi Umeed

Coming up this November 2019 on married Again 

10 years later, Divya has had a successful acting career and returns home to Bhopal to rekindle her romance with Raj. Raj and Divya miss themselves at the train station. Divya gets a marriage proposal soon as she arrives home but her heart is set on Raj. Shocking news, however, awaits her at the Jagotia’s mansion. Raj is married! Divya returns home angry an heartbroken. Meanwhile, Sarita continues to face conflict from Raj,’s sisters. She is also in pain after being ignored by Raj.

Raj and Divya almost have a chance meeting when she gets into an accident. Granny seems the only one aware of Sarita’s plight. Raj can’t find his diary and Divya has it, will it reunite them? Relatives visit the Jagotia mansion and taunt Sarita for being childless, Raj makes defends her against his family. meanwhile Divya family continue to look for a suitable groom for her.

Divya opens up to Gaurav about her past with Raj. He is okay with it, their marriage gets fixed. Raj learns of Divya engagement, he loses his cool and lands himself in trouble with the police. Sarita becomes aware that Divya is Raj’s old-time lover and the woman behind her pain. Later Divya bails Raj from prison without his knowledge of her presence. Sarita goes to confront Divya during her Haldi ceremony.

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Sarita makes a usual request to Divya, will she accept. The police inform Raj on who had bailed him, he goes in search of Divya. Raj leaves Divya engagement ceremony in pain and anger. At the temple Divya unconsciously calls out Raj name, Gaurav is shocked and walks away. Sarita has made a decision to leave Raj for good. Granny bids a sad farewell to Sarita as she leaves. Divya learns of Sarita’s departure during her Mehendi ceremony. She leaves midway to find her out. She accepts her proposal breaks off her engagement with Gaurav and goes to Raj’s house to repair a broken relationship with his wife. However, things get heated up as old flames reignite.

Casts of Married Again Season 2

  • Eklavya Ahir as Abhimaan Suryavanshi (Abhi), Vikrant’s son
  • Sanjai Gandhi as Sohanlal Jakhotia, Kamla and Sundari’s husband, Raj, Sheela, Babli and Munni’s father
  • Sangeeta Panwar as Kamla Sohanlal Jakhotia, Sohanlal’s first wife, Raj, Sheela and Babli’s mother
  • Pallavi Rao as Sundari Sohanlal Jakhotia, Sohanlal’s second wife, Raj, Sheela and Babli’s stepmother, Munni’s mother