Lady Luck Zee World Full story, Plot summary, Casts, teasers

Lady luck Zee World full story: is about a young woman named Bhoomi who has to choose between her married life and professional life after she marries Anshuman “Maan” Prajapati from a rich traditional family. It also narrates the story of two families from Madhya Pradesh.

The Prajapatis – a respectable upper-class family with an established family business headed by Vasundhara Prajapati who is also the decision-maker in all the important aspects related to her family members. In contrast to this family is The Shuklas who is a traditional upper-middle-class family with a business in gems and stones.

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Bhoomi, one of the daughters in the family of The Shuklas has been raised as a protected child and was imparted a good education. In a series of surprising events, Bhoomi’s marriage is fixed with Vasundhara’s nephew Ayushmaan who was already in love with Bhoomi.

But when their traditional families find out about this, they feel cheated. Bhoomi and Ayushmaan lives are turned upside down trying to win the families over. Eventually, Bhoomi turns up as a bride in the Prajapati mansion bringing along good luck and prosperity to the family.

However, Bhoomi soon dies and Divya takes over her responsibilities in the Prajapati household. She and Maan pretend to the family that Divya is, in fact, Bhoomi as Bhoomi’s death was likely to destroy the entire family. However, as Maan and Divya start loving each other, Divya’s former husband, Yuvraj, threatens to destroy their happy family to get Divya back.

Meanwhile, the real Bhoomi who is shown to be in a coma somewhere gives birth to her and Maan’s daughter Muskaan. Maan and Divya continue keeping her secret from the Prajapati family. Soon Divya becomes pregnant with Maan’s child but Yuvraj returns.

The Prajapatis

The show ends with Yuvraj murdering all the members of the Prajapati family except Badi Maa. Badi Maa is shocked when Yuvraj exposes Divya’s true identity.

After Yuvraj shoots Maan and Divya, Badi Maa manages to kill him. A dying Divya gives birth to a daughter. Badi Maa, despite her hate for Divya and what her past life brought on for her family, decides to leave with Muskaan and her other granddaughter who she sees as Maan’s blood.

More information:

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 14 November 2019
  • Total number of episodes: 266
  • Total numbers of Season: 2
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Bhagyalaxmi
  • Tele Country: Indian

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Coming up this November on Lady Luck.

Bhoomi gets a job offer outside of Ujjain, she is unhappy while at home, the family prepares to get Avin married off. She prefers work before marriage but her grandma doesn’t see the need. Vasundara and Bhoomi meet and her friends give her a bad impression. The Shukla family are in high spirits for the upcoming wedding. Vasundara thinks about getting Maan married off so he can settle down.

Bhoomi informs the family of her job offer in Indore. They are not in agreement. Vasundara is not pleased with Avin after their strained meeting. However, she seems to like Bhoomi for her son Maan. Bhoomi helps Sharath overcome an asthmatic attack during the Mehendi ceremony, Vasundara is still impressed. Later the principal questions Bhoomi for rejecting the job offer. Bhoomi is sad.

Bhoomi discovers that Surbhi is Varun’s girlfriend so does Vasundara, she is not happy and berates her mother at home, pointing fingers at Avin. Meanwhile, Bhoomi suggests Varun inform about his affair with Surbhhi to the family. Vasundara requests for surbhi and Varun marriage be fixed immediately. Both families are in disagreement. Simran asks how can she fix alliance in Mishra family who are poorer than them. Meanwhile, Rajender tries to fix Bhoomi’s job issue with the principal.

Avin post-wedding rituals are halted by the problems created by Surbhi and Varun relationship. Rajender refuses to get Varun married off before Bhoomi. Vasundara suggests a good boy for her, who could it be? Both grandmothers agree with their decision irrespective of their children’s opinion. Bhoomi is sad as her dreams of working is shattered when her marriage is fixed with Maan. Bhoomi cries reminiscing principal and Shanti’s words. She looks at the laptop and reminisces Rajender gifting it to her.

When both families meet to fix the marriage date, Rajender postpones the wedding. He says he wants Bhoomi to do a job and fulfil all her dreams in 6 months. Bhoomi is happy. They plan to keep it a secret from the grooms family. Bhoomi gets ready to leave for Indore. Vasundara almost discovers about Bhoomi job after a chance meeting at the temple. Later Bhoomi settles happily to her new job, meanwhile, Surbhi and Varun chat on social media and their romance continue. An unknown man starts trailing Bhoomi at her new apartment, what is he up to?

The Shukla family continue to encroach in Bhoomi’s new apartment despite her roommate’s objections. Later Bhoomi is kidnapped, turns out Ria had been the target. Bhoomi escapes but faces even more troubles. Her family is worried when they can’t find her.

Bhoomi wades in on the conflict between Ria and the fiance she jilted. Also, Surbhi breaks up with a devastated Varun. Meanwhile, Vasundara is not aware that Bhoomi is not in Ujjain.

At the office, Bhoomi and Ria receive an official assignment to visit Bhopal Swastik Textiles, the family is tensed because the company is owned by the Prajapathis. Also, Varun comes to Bhopal to beg Surbhi.

Ansh continues to trouble Bhoomi on her way to Bhopal, seems he’s starting to fall for her? At the textile factory, Varun becomes aware of Bhoomi’s danger but he is unable to reach her. Bhoomi is saved when Vasundara cancels the meeting due to their late arrival and her mood swing. Later Bhoomi considers resigning in other to save her family self-respect.

Dadaji finds a man’s watch in Bhoomi’s bag but Ria covers up. Ansh sneaks into Bhoomi’s room recover his watch but he is taken aback when he sees her sad and writing her resignation letter. Saurabh accuses him of falling for her. The company does not accept Bhoomi’s resignation.

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Full Casts of Lady Luck Zee World 

  • Aruna Irani as Vasundhara Prajapati “Badi Maa”, the matriarch of the Prajapati family
  • Sara Khan as Pavitra Shukla, Anshuman’s sister
  • Barkha Singh as Surbhi, Anshuman’s sister, Varun’s first wife
  • Abhishek Malik as Varun Shukla, Bhoomi’s cousin
  • Ashita Dhawan as Suman Inder Prajapati
  • Ali Raza Namdar as Agrim Prajapati, Anshuman’s father
  • Shweta Gautam as Lata Agrim Prajapati, Anshuman’s mother
  • Anil Dhawan as Murlimohan Shukla, Varun’s father
  • Rita Bhaduri as Shanti Shukla, Bhoomi’s grandmother
  • Chetanya Adib as Bhoomi’s father
  • Sanjeev Jotangia as Bhoomi’s uncle
  • Shalini Arora as Bhoomi’s aunt
  • Akanksha Chamola as Avni
  • Sumit Verma as Vikram, Avni’s husband
  • Gulfam Khan as Kaveri