Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday 4 December Update 2019 Starlife

Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday 4 December Update 2019 Starlife: Mohendar says kulfi I’m your father from today, I will do everything for you, a father has to do and I have done for Sikander, I made him Sikander Singh Gill and will make you a superstar and if I don’t I will give up my music, Kulfi and Sikander shocked. Amyra sees all this. Amyra says mom this is best, dad has to come to me now, uncl himself called kulfi his daughter and I’m dads only daughter, Lovely says Amyra all is very complicated now, Amyra says send Kulfi away again, show your magic again.

Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 Starlife

Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 4th December 2019 update on Starlife

Kulfi the singing star 4 December 2019: Mohendar asks gunjan not to accept anything from sikander, gunjan says I will support you but, Mohendar says I can’t let Kulfi suffer anymore, and not her talent as well, gunjan thinks I guess he is right and the poor girl needs us, gunjan says but girls are launched together.

Lovely says Amyra you are sikanders only daughter right, now stop thinking of all this, amyra sees Sikander and calls him, sikander asks what do you get by getting this, how many times I have to explain you, you black mailed me, promise me you will never do all this, amyra thinks do anything dad you have done what I wanted you to.

Kulfi asleep with Mohendar and gunjan, sikander gets her out quietly, Kulfi hugs seeing sikander, sikander says I’m sorry I hurt you, everything changed in a day, but you dint be scared you are my lioness, Kulfi says is it true that you are no more my baba, sikander says I’m your on,y father, Kulfi says but uncle, sikander says because he loves us, and I hurt you two so he is giving me punishment on my mistake but I can’t loose you, and don’t worry I will convince uncle, Kulfi and Sikander fall asleep.

Sikander hears some noise and goes out, he sees Mohendar talking to media, Mohendar says kulfi is my daughter, her uncle has done lot for her it her fathers time now, I feel Kulfi may get lost under sikanders stardom, and popularity and so my daughter kulfi will sing alone, media asks does sikander partialate between his daughter and yours, so this decision, Mohendar gets kulfi on media, Media sees Sikander and asks what’s his plan for amyra. Amyra and lovely see media, and helpless sikander. Lovely asks Sikander why did he kept quite and didn’t say that he will launch amyra too, sikander says what’s wrong with you, they both are my daughters, what’s we and them, Lovely says open your eyes, this house is divided.

Sikander says lovely I made announcement because I was helpless, amyra did wrong, she missed my love, she has crossed all limits, I had promised kulfi to give her, her rights, but in this house, amyra has to accept Kulfi is my daughter, Lovely says I believe and I won’t take anything away from kulfi, you know what amyra is lonely, and if you have to choose kulfi, I have to choose amyra because she is alone, sikander says I said that in anger, but both are mine, I can’t choose anyone of them, and as far as reality, I will try that there’s no difference in the girls and kulfi will get her rights.

Gunjan says kulfi Bebe always said there was good waiting for me, but I didn’t know it would be this good, Mohendar and gunjan say please trust us we will never let you down, Kulfi confused. Mohendar sees sikander and says all your dreams were never fulfilled because someone couldn’t fulfill them but I will. Sikander says you can’t separate my daughters, Mohendar says you have lost her when you didn’t give her your name, Mohendar doesn’t allow sikander to go near Kulfi.

Kulfi and Sikander feed each other, Kulfi says you are my guru and my baba he can’t. Vikram says Mia have a really good gift for you, I’m gonna train kulfi and then as she will be famous you can tell media she is his stepdaughter. Mia says stop it I know it’s your revenge,Vikram says you are right.

Kulfi says Vikram, told me so,e thing so didn’t understand and like it too, sikander says it’s good you didn’t, Kulfi says please get me out of it, sikander says don’t worry I will. Sikander goes to see Vikram, Vikram says you called me I’m so surprised, sikander says step back from teaching kulfi, Vikram says who are you to take decisions, her father gave me contract, sikander says I’m her father, Vikram says I knew you were a player but how can you manage two daughters, and if she is your daughter announce she is your daughter publicly,I know you can’t, you are trapped.

Vikram says Sikander you destroyed my career, Tony Chaddha had signed me, but you married his daughter and all my fame and offers went to you, I asked you for help but you didn’t, sikander says I did, Vikram says shut up, you want Kulfi, then go prove your family then come to me, your family doesn’t trust you why will I. Sikander gets home and calls Mohendar, Mohendar says I know you met Vikram, sikander says why will I hide, he is just using kulfi and you against me as revenge, Mohendar says enough you are just jealous of Kulfi, that she will succeed then you, sikander says I will be jealous of my daughter, Mohendar says she is my daughter, I will decide for her, sikander says and this is your decision,you are choosing someone who has enemity against me, Mohendar says Vikram will do any thing against you and so will I and so I choose him, and there is no good for kulfi with you, everyone gather in hall and hear that.

Sikander shows Mohendar a locket and says I had given it to amyra and had promised that will always support her, and this one is for kulfi, and asks kulfi do you trust your father, Kulfi says yes I do, sikander says this is your right, which I could never give you but it’s your now, amyra says no and throws it, and says she gets nothing because I’m your only daughter, sikander says enough amyra, Mohendar says look Kulfi will never get anything with you, sikander picks the locket, he takes off his bracelet and fixes the locket, he ties it on kulfis hand, sikander says you guys do whatever you want to, nothing can change the truth that she is my daughter and we will always be together.

Kulfi very happy gets to her room and narrates whole story to Jonny and shows him bracelet. Sikander explains Amyra her behaviour isn’t done, he loves her equally. Amyra says I know she is very sad, you are so affected by her, but no one understands me, sikander hugs amyra. Sikander slowly sneaking to kulfi sees Mohendar and hides, after Mohendar leaves sikander goes to kulfis room and finds her asleep, Kulfi wakes up seeing sikander.kulfi asks did anyone see you, sikander says no, I thought Mohendar did but he didn’t.

Kulfi says don’t worry, Mohendar uncle will patch up with you soon, sikander says I know, Kulfi falls asleep. Vikram to Mohendar and gunjan that kulfi has to sing in an elite wedding, sikander says she won’t sing in any weddings. Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 4th November 2019 on starlife.