Kulfi the Singing Star Monday 9 December Update 2019 Starlife

Kulfi the Singing Star Monday 9 December Update 2019 Starlife: Mia having a headache, Kulfi gives her head massage, Mia thinks it’s tia, and sees Kulfi, and says it’s okay, Kulfi says don’t worry rest down, you do so much for me, my tension is giving you a headache, cmon rest. Amyra meets Ron and says you are my oldest friend and so I trust only you and need your help, to make a team against the dirty girl, she has done so much harm, for me, and she should face that too, we need to spoil her online image too. Vikram says kulfi you need to improve your song, and so I have changed some arrangements hear it out. Murphy says what have you done, this is not exactly the song what have you done, Vikram says you are agent, not singer shut up and now we will shoot a love story on this song, Kulfi here are dresses designed for you, check them, Kulfi looks at Murphy, Vikram asks you ready for shooting right, Kulfi sees Sikander and Amyras interview and says yes I’m ready.

Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday 8 December Update 2019 Starlife

Kulfi The Singing Star Monday 9 Dec. 2019 Update On Starlife

Kulfi the singing star 9 December 2019: Amyra very excited to ruin kulfis image, Gunjan hears it and scolds Amyra, lovely scolds Gunjan, Gunjan and lovely get into argument, Mohendar scolds them and stops them, and takes Gunjan away. Amyra asks lovely why will Kulfi put you in jail, Lovely says Amyra calm down, Kulfi went on her own, you aunt is mad.

Vikram works Mia for a PR agency. Murphy asks kulfi why didn’t she stop Vikram, Kulfi watches the interview, Murphy says look your father he isn’t happy, Kulfi says I know he isn’t, he did same with my Ma, now me. Sikander thinking of how to convince kulfi from saying no to video. Megha Amyras PR meets Sikander, Sikander gets upset over her on calling Kulfi and Amyra each others competition, Sikander hears kulfis video has started and leaves.

Sikander calls Vikram and says he needs to be with Kulfi while shoots and goes to the location, lovely following Sikander. Kulfi learns to dance with Anmol, for her video, Sikander gets off the car as Murphy, lovely surprised, and thinks who is this sardarji, Mia says Vikram you need to tone down I think even kulfi doesn’t look confident, Vikram says all is fine, Lovely gets off her car and follows.

Murphy shouts what all is happening is, these are kids what are you doing and shouts at choreographer, Vikram gets angry and scolds Murphy and says you are secretary and I’m your boss do as I say and if you can’t get out, Murphy says at least hear me out, Kulfi asks is he right are kids not allowed to do such dance, Vikram says there’s nothing wrong in this, in fact, it’s trending these days. And for you what is right, I will decide, and now don’t you trust me, Kulfi nods yes and says I promised I will listen to you, I will fulfil my promise.

Lovely makes Sikander a call, Murphy cuts the call, Lovely in shock.

Lovely finding out that Sikander dressed up as Sardar to meet Kulfi. Sikander was not pleased to see Kulfi’s short dress. Sikander sabotaged the dress with tea and Vikram got worried for the same.

Gunjan started blaming Amyra again for ruining everything. Mia decided to choose a dress for Kulfi and got upset with her needing to wear small clothes. She asked Vikram to not let her wear this kind of dress. Amyra was angry with Kulfi and told Ron to comment bad things on Kulfi’s posts. Lovely stopped them from doing that.


Murphy brought a beautiful frock for Kulfi to wear but Vikram was not satisfied with it. Murphy aka Sikander gets further upset to see her new dress. Sikander damaged the whole fuse box to stop the shooting. In the car, Vikram was upset with the loss but Mia said it was for the best that video wasn’t shot.

She further said that Kulfi would go to school from the next day and not after one month. Sikander got delighted with Mia’s decision while Kulfi was shocked. Vikram blamed Amyra for everything and showed her music video. Sikander got mad at Lovely for posting a music video of Amyra in lewd costume.

Amyra and Lovely blame Sikander for being absent during all important decisions. He ordered them to remove the video from the internet. Sikander reached Mia’s house and discovered Kulfi was not keeping well. He decided to admit her in a hospital Kulfi The Singing Star Monday 9th December 2019 Update on starlife.