Kulfi the Singing Star Update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Starlife

On Kulfi the Singing Star Update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Starlife, Kulfi says god what are you trying to sign me, please tell me, kulfi reads a note written on bholas toy but doesn’t get it. Next morning Jonny pulls bholas toy, amyra sees it and says Jonny it’s a dirty toy get away from it,Jonny barks at amyra, amyra asks left it to throw it away.

Kulfi the Singing Star Update Wednesday 13th Nov. 2019 Star life

Kulfi wakes up and sees toy missing, and starts looking for it, Kulfi asks Amyra did she see it,amyra insults her and leaves. Kulfi in garden upset about toy missing and then says who is this Bhola and only way to find him was that toy and I missed that too, Ma please help me, Kulfi sees the toy in garden and rushes to it. Friends decide to talk to Kulfi and ask her not to doubt on sikander and they will deny kulfi when she comes with new plan, Kulfi walks to them and says read this and tell me what it says we will go there, rocket says we have decided we won’t go with you because all you doing is wrong, your baba is with you, Kulfi says I know you aren’t able to understand me, but my heart and my feelings tell me nothing is right, if you can’t support me I will help myself.

Rocket walks to Sikander, Sikander asks what, rocket says don’t feel bad and get angry, but I’m here to tell you something, Kulfi doesn’t think you are sikander,and tells him whole scenario and here because we are worried for her, she loves you but is worried for you, please don’t tell her I shared this with you, sikander says good boy, don’t worry all will be fine, rocket says okay and leaves. Sikander makes Balwant a call and says begin preparations for kulfis recordings and break the news Kulfi is all prepared and get as much as work for her.

Kulfi reaches nargis park, and starts asking for Pakhi, Kulfi shouts pakhis name. A boy walks to her and says come with me, he says Pakhi is busy wait for her, Pakhi solving kids problem, Kulfi smiles seeing all this, Pakhi foxes a kids teddy. Pakhi says you are elder then me, I help kids younger to me, why are you here, Kulfi says I found this toy, so came to return it, even I have lost something may be you have found it. Pakhi gives kulfi a toffee, kulfi asks do you know any Bhola, Pakhi gets angry and says go now, we don’t know any. Kulfi leaves.

Pakhis friends say why did you lie, Pakhi says I met my Bhola after so long I won’t return him. Bhola sikanders look alike on bicycle,singing song.

( sikander gets of the car after accident all injured and hurt and calls kulfi, this is way Kulfi feels him calling her at the accident location.sikander falls of the hills, and hits his head on stone, so Kulfi felt weird when she touched the stone.)

Kids cheer for Bhola, Pakhi shouts at Bhola and ask him to hold the handles of Bike and not perform any stunts.

Cutie slips over the water,everyone rushes to her,Sikander helps her get up,Sikander says where did this water come from,kulfi starts banging the door,Sikander opens the door and kulfi hugs him,amyra gets jealous,kulfi says why did you do this to me,my mama must have left now,how will I survive now where will I go,and starts crying,Sikander hugs her and says no dear you don’t cry like this,you are a brave girl,Sikander looks at amyra and sees she is upset and in tears.

Sikander walks to amyra and lifts her too,amyra looks at kulfi.sikander takes them both away.cutie says this boy threw water to take revenge,lovely says mom he is a kid,he wanted to see mama,cutie says lovely worry about amyra and kulfi if anyone tells Sikander the truth you will be in pain.

Kulfi says what will I do now,Sikander says stop crying cmon good boy,and I’m here for you nothing will happen to you and I will ask your nanu to find your mama.
Sikander walks to lovely.amyra gives kulfi tissue and shows her how to wipe them,Sikander says why did you do this,lovely says mom must have done that she used to do with me too,amyra takes the tissue back and teases kulfi.

Lovely says kulfi come here don’t cry,you will find everything and hugs her,Sikander dresses like clown using household stuff and sings for kulfi to cheer her,kulfi and Amyra start laughing seeing Sikander act funny.

Amyra hugs Sikander and says dada you are so funny,lovely goes and joins them,kulfi thinks why don’t I have this happiness,mama was there and I lost him too,I have no one no ma,no papa,no mama.

Sikander says dada you won’t go to him come with me is my story,Sikander signs lovely to go to kulfi.jagira says madam I sent my man but his mama isn’t there,kulfi says look I’m sorry stop crying,lovely says we will find your bag and mama,left right right now go get her bag and you won’t sleep till then.

Lovely says cmon go to sleep kulfi by tomorrow we will have your bag and then look for your mama.lovely says jagira look after him and I don’t want his voice to come out.amyra says dada I was good girl today,Sikander says what is it,amyra says it’s a surprise when things will get final i will tell you,lovely walks and says did she sleep.sikander says yes and asks what’s the secret,lovely says nothing important relax.

Lovely says I have something important to share,you have changed so much and for the good,our past was painful and we will decide the future,and so please come back to our room,only if you want,Sikander says off course I do.sikander says lovely you know there’s something in this boy kulfi and because of him some how we came closer and hugs lovely,

Jagira walks to kulfi and helps her fall asleep. lovely thinking about the secret she has hidden from Sikander,kulfi wakes up and prays to god and says you helped me with food last time get me my back too.kulfi sees her bag, Kulfi the Singing Star Update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Starlife.