Kulfi the Singing Star Update Saturday 16 November 2019 Starlife

On Kulfi the Singing Star Update Saturday 16 November 2019 Starlife, Kulfi goes to sikanders room and starts looking for him, she finds nimrats hanky gifted to Sikander and recognises it, Kulfi sees Chandan has polished his shoes with that hanky and says now I’m very sure he isn’t my father. Lovely goes to Kulfi, and asks do you really think he isn’t Sikander, Kulfi says yes, Lovely says to pray for you and amyra sikander went temple, and he met with accident, his face was fully damaged and with lot of efforts doctor reconstructed it using his old photos, his voice is damaged and is forgetting things because he has hit his head and change in behaviour because he can’t sing and so we need to give him time, and leaves, Kulfi says you dint believe but I do he is not my father, I don’t know where my baba is now.

Kulfi the Singing Star Update Saturday 16th Nov. 2019 Star Life

Bhola, Pakhi, Nandini oiling each other, Kulfi says baba isn’t with me but is here, and I will find him, I want my baba back. Kulfi wakes up hearing sikanders voice and rushes to music room, and sees Chandan starring at her and gets scared, Chandan says get ready quickly we have to go. Pakhi on her way back from school, Bhola follows her in a ruck sack, Pakhi says I’m very sad, Tina didn’t call me for her birthday party she called everyone, Bhola asks what is birthday party, Pakhi says she didn’t call me because I’m poor right.

Nandinis mother comes home and ask who is he, Bhola says I’m her husband pakhis father, Bhola, nani gets very angry, Nandini says calm down Aai, Bhola says nani is angry and throws water on her, nani gets more angry, Nandini says you two go play. Nandini takes nani inside. Bhola asks will she stay with us, Pakhi says yes, and mom didn’t say but I know we are poor, Bhola ask what is poor, Pakhi explains, like Ma can’t afford spectacles.

Chandan takes Kulfi to recording studio and signs contract, Chandan asks for cash payment and not in cheque. Chandan is handed cash, Chandan says begin recording, Kulfi start singing cmon. Chandan gets busy counting cash. Bhalla asks kulfi not to get scared and enjoy her singing, kulfis voice starts breaking, Bhalla acts patiently with Kulfi.kufli catches up and starts singing, but gets distracted by Chandan. Bhalla starts losing and says let’s take a break. Kulfi sees Chandan counting cash, and feels bad.

Nandini explains nani all the scenario, nani says why did you get him here, first your husband now this man, Nandini says he has lost his mental capabilities. Nandini tells how Pakhi reacted to Bhola and so she did this,nani asks what will happen when Pakhi will learn the truth, what when he will regain his memory how will things go have you thought about it.

Kulfi keeps getting distracted by Chandan, Bhalla loses his calm and shouts at Chandan, Chandan walks to kulfi and shouts at her, Bhalla surprised to see Chandan behaviour.

Kulfi finding Bhola, she hears some noise and rushes their and sees Abhay and friends troubling other kids, Kulfi says why do you always do this keep troubling someone or the other, Abhay says look, Kulfi asks enough where is bhola, Abhay says he isn’t with us. Bhola with Shanti near well, she says ask for your wish and god will grant it. Bhola walks to the well and says I will ask for my daughter. Kulfi looking for Bhola. Shanti thinks I will push him in well and no one will doubt on me or his death.

Bhola climbs the well and prays god please take me to my daughter, Shanti walks to Bhola to push him, Kulfi rushes to her and pushes her, but Bhola slips in.

Chandan sees lovely phone and sees nothing, lovely says chill there is nothing. Chandan says okay let me share now, the day I found out what I have now, I said why should I loose the opportunity, Lovely has recorder set below the table. Pakhi cries says mom I want to see papa right away.

Kulfi holds bholas hand, Shanti hits her head and faints, Bhola says please don’t leave me, Kulfi says my hand is paining but I won’t leave you, look at me, bhola gets scared, Kulfi sings to calm him down, bhola has past flashes, Bhola recollects all the memories till date, and shouts Kulfi, my Kulfi, he takes efforts and comes up, and both hug eachother. Bhola is hit on head and he faints, Shanti hits him, Kulfi says dare you do it, Kulfi says after so long I found my baba and narrates his story, Shanti says I don’t care, Kulfi says why do you do such bad work,Shanti says it’s my work to kill him, Kulfi says how is this work to earn money by killing him, and if you kill him even I will die, so better kill me first and let me tell you, dare you touch him, how would you feel if it was your daughter here instead of me, Shanti says I will leave you but what about Chandan, even amyra is with Chandan, how will you save your family.

Kulfi the Singing Star Update Tuesday 12 November 2019 Starlife

Sikander remembers his accident, Kulfi looks at him and hugs him. Lovely gets in the bedroom, and sees Chandan asleep and tries to take her phone from his hand, she succeeds, and leaves the room, lovely calls police station.

Sikander looks at kulfis hand, Kulfi crying, sikander asks what’s wrong, Kulfi band aids her hand, sikander says my angel don’t loose hope, Kulfi says do you have any idea what all is happened, do you know who I am, what if that aunty would do something to you, I’m you daughter and you my father, sikander hugs her, sikander remembers shantis words that Chandan has taken his place and thinks my baby I’m sorry, I know you have waited for this long just one more day, till Chandan is home, once he is gone, I will tell the whole world you are mine, Kulfi says don’t you think I’m your daughter,and act as Bhola,Sikander says yes I do, but I don’t believe, let’s be friends, take me home.

Pre cap : lovely tells Kulfi she has proofs and kulfi should get sikander home. Kulfi the Singing Star Update Saturday 16 November 2019 Starlife