King of Hearts Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 Zee World

King of hearts Update Tuesday 3 December 2019 zee world, King of hearts 3 December 2019: The Episode starts with Mami telling her husband that something happened between Jamai, Anya and Naina. Simran comes there….Naina announces that she wants to announce their relation officially, and that’s why today will be engagement and there will be marriage within 2 days. Sid says today? Naina says I have decided and this is my last decision. Simran asks are you happy? Neil says why are you hesitating to get engaged again, you are already married. Roshni looks shocked also. Simran says you both love each other, so we both have thought to get you married again with all the rituals. Roshni says you are saying right, I will do the arrangements. She gives Sid’s hands in Anya’s hands and wishes for their happy married life. Naina talks to Roshni about the arrangements. Roshni says she will hire her company’s designer and asks her not to worry. She congratulates Sid and Anya again.

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Anya asks Naina, why she is hurrying up? Naina says I didn’t tell this thing to Neil, as he doesn’t like Sid, but I have accepted Sid as my Jamai from my heart. Sid asks her to trust them and says we haven’t done anything wrong. Naina says you both are staying in same room. She says I can’t bear if anything wrong happens with any of my child. She asks him to get engaged today and marry afrter 2 weeks. She asks him to promise. Sid thinks this is happening because of Roshni. Simran is busy with the arrangements. Roshni comes there. Simran says you are doing good duty of a bahu and says you never fulfilled duty of a bahu at our home. She says we are lucky to get Anya. Mami asks Simran about Sid’s first wife, and asks Simran not to make Anya leave like Sid’s first wife. Roshni takes Simran’s side and says that girl might have done a mistake by leaving this family, and praises Simran. Sid hears her.

Anya comes to meet Arav in the hospital. Sid asks Anya to make it quick as nurse can come at any time. Anya says please and cries holding Arav’s hand. She asks him to come back to him and not to make her wait. She says I am tired of handling alone. She cries and says I love you….Sid asks Anya to come and takes her from there. Naina asks where is Anya? Sid and Anya come there. Naina says I called jeweller here. Sid and Roshni are shocked to see DD jeweller. He sees Roshni and Sid, and asks what you both are doing here. Kesar comes and asks him not to talk about Roshni and Sid here. Sarees seller come there. Kesar asks Neil to select saree for Ragini. Sid selects a saree for her. Mami says their choice is same. Naina says it is good. Neil tells Ragini that this saree will suit you. Sid says red saree will suit her.

Neil says let Ragini decide. Roshni says we shall select saree for Anya as it is her engagement.. I think this red color will suit on Anya well. Sid says right and covers Anya’s head with red saree, and says you are right Ragini ji. She will look like a most beautiful bride of this world after wearing this saree. Rishni gets jealous and goes. Sid smiles looking at Anya. Neil goes after Roshni….Roshni gets angry thinking Sid have come. Neil says we shall choose different color. Roshni says she is liking it. Neil smiles. Roshni says you are blushing…Neil goes. Roshni picks up the saree and says now you know what to say? She sees Sid standing infront of her.

Sid telling Roshni that if she has changed or just pretending. Roshni says she held Neil’s hand with her wish and will never leave him. Roshni recalls Sid selecting same saree for her. Mami thinks to do something exciting to bring out truth. She peeps in the kitchen when Roshni is busy chopping veggies. Mami comes inside slowly and keeps cloth near the gas stove flame, and goes. The cloth catches fire. Roshni runs and is shocked to see the fire all around the kitchen. She screams and shouts for help. Sid and Neil hear her voice and run to save her. Sid and Neil give their hand to Roshni, but she holds Sid’s hand as she couldn’t see while it is smoking. Sid lifts her and takes her to hall. Neil is shocked to see their eye lock. Mami’s doubts gets increased. Neil hugs Roshni and says I would have died if anything had happened to you. He says I will call doctor.

Anya asks Sid if he is fine. Sid says yes. Neil looks for the medicine and throws the box in anger saying medicine is not there. He goes to bring medicine. Sid comes to Roshni and applied ointment on her burnt hand. He says what you have said, that you will never leave Neil. HE asks why did you hold my hand when we both forward our hands near you, as you looks for me everywhere. Roshni says I know you have lit the fire in the kitchen to prove your point. Sid asks are you mad? He says how can you say knowing I love you, and goes angrily.

Roshni cries and says why do you make me weak? Why I couldn’t take you out of my heart. I can’t do this with you and Neil. Anya says she will apply ointment on his hand and says you have jumped in fire to save her, but she didn’t even ask about you. She asks what happened? Naina asks her brother to get the kitchen clean. Sid comes there and offers help. Doctor checks Roshni and tells Neil that she is fine, and just needs rest. Neil tells Naina that engagement should be postponed. Naina says but. Roshni comes out and says it is a big day for Anya and Sid..I don’t want any problem to happen because of me. Sid looks shocked. Roshni feels dizzy and tells Neil that she is unwell and needs to go room. Neil takes her to room. Anya asks Sid, what Roshni wants to prove? Sid says she doesn’t know that I am principal of the school in which she is studying now.


Everyone gather in the party. Roshni comes downstairs. Neil looks mesmerized by her beauty and compliments her. Guests as usual start gossiping about Neil’s engagement. Sid welcomes all the guest. Sid says destiny is a word on which everyone believes. He says jodi depends on destiny. Sid says we chose our life partner, whom we gave our everything, happiness, sadness, life….He says it becomes eternal love story like Heer Ranjha…and Sid..Anya…He says he wants to present one such love story, but he wants to introduce someone. He goes to Roshni past Anya and holds her hand. King of Hearts Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 Zee World