Kindred hearts update Friday 15 November 2019 Zee World

On Kindred hearts update Friday 15 November 2019 Zee World, Jia says please don’t take Arjun from me God. A sniper gets ready on Jia’s way. He shoots her. Her tire brusts. Jia jumps from the car. The sniper puts gun on her. She says what do you want? He says I want to kill you. She hits him with a stone and tries to run. Other stops him with a gun. Krishan comes and beats them both down. The thug beats Krishna. He fights back. One thug puts gun on Jia’s head and saysv stop or I will shoot her. Krishan shoots him. JIa is scared. Jia says your head is bleeding. He says are you okay? She says lets go to hospital. He says i am fine. I am scared of hospital. Jia is in tears. He says what happened? Jia says lets go home Akash will dress it. He says okay. She says thanks for saving me.

Kindred hearts update Friday 15th Nov.2019 Zee World

Akash dresses his wound and gives them both medicine. Nisha comes in and says how did this happen? he says someone attacked Jia. Akash says who would plan that? Bini says therre could be peopel near us. Jia says don’t blame Nisha. Akash says I asked her not to go alone. Jia says why would they attack me? Bini says you never know people close to you are dangerous.

Nisha says inspector Krishan should stay with Jia for her security. Akash says Nisha is right. Please Krishna stay here as guest. You know all that happened in these days. He says duty doesn’t allow me but I can come after duty hours. Bini takes jia to her room.

At night, Bini comes to Akash. He says I wish Arjun was here. We would have lost Jia if Krishan didn’t save her. Thank God he will stay with her. Bini says I doubt Nisha. We are keeping Krishan here on her suggestion. Its all weird. He says you are thinking too much. I trust Krishan.
Krishna sneaks in the house. He says we are really stressed. Look at Jia how she sees weird things.
Jia sees water in her sleep. She says whats happening with me. Jia sees Arjun’s poster wet. She says how did it get wet? Jia says I don’t know what is happening. I will find Ajrun at any cost.

Nisha says to Krishna Bini is keeping an eye on me. He sayas don’t worry. She gives him money and says these are for the thugs who attacked Jia. Your timing was good. Good job. they were worried for Jia and you solved their problem. Jia sneaks out of the house to look for Arjun. Nisha says one more attack on Jia then you will be permanent here then will play our next plan. She sees Jia. Nisha hides. Jia asks Krishan what are you doing outside? He says just walking. Where are you going? He sees her poster. she says arjun is in trouble. I can’t sit in home. he says you have to be in house. She says I can go out whenever I want. Your investigation isn’t doing anything. He drags her inside house. Jia says you can’t do this. He takes her to Akash. Akash says what are you doing? She says Arjun’s life is in trouble I cant stay home. Akash says if you go out I will tell ma about Arjun missing. She says stop. Arjun needs me. Bini takes her to room.

Jia can’t sleep in her room. She sees newspaper with news that Arjun has been found by police.

Jia sees newspaper. Arjun has been found by police. She runs downstairs to tell everyone. Whole house is decorated with welcome back banners. Jia says you all knew. Bini says we wanted to surprise you. Jia says lets go. Bini says he is on his way. Akash says Krishan is bringing him. Nisha says yes he is coming don’t worry. Make his favorite dish.
She cooks his favorite dishes. Akash says wow you made all this. Jia says wheree is he? He says he will be here in 1 hour. Jia says should I call? Akash says I just called. He is on his way. he isn’t picking. Jia faints. They take her to room. Akash says she wont wake up till morning. Nisha says it has no side affects. She will be fine. Bini says we are doing this to get her out of depression. Krishna says she will wake up tomorrow and ask for him.

Jia wakes up next morning. she says how am I here? Its morning?? Where is Arjun? Akash says when she calls on Arjun’s number. She comes downstairs. She says where is arjun>? Bini says he was waiting for you. He left this note for you. Jia reads didn’t want to wake you up. There is a meeting. We will have dinner together. Jia says I never had dinner with him. Akash says we all sat here and had dinner. Bini says we all talked so much. You were stressed. jia says don’t play this game with me. I never saw Arjun. He never came here. You both are hiding something. I will talk to him. Call him. Jia dials arjun’ss number. Krishan leaves. Krishna talks in Arjun’s voice. He says Jia.. I will come in evening. She says Arjun where are you? He says I will come home. There are meeting. Akash you spoke to him. JJia says he sounded worried. He never cuts call like that. I wont move from here until he comes back. Akash says please eat something. Nisha says have this juice please. Bini says dont’ worry he will be home. Jia says I will wait for him. Nisha says wake up when he comes. They all go to their rooms.

Akash says what should we do now. what was that voice.. Krishan says that was the voice moderation device. Krishna says let her wait. He texts her that he will be home late. Bini says you should rest. Jia says I am fine I will wait here.
Nisha says to Krishan I hope everything is as per plan. He nods.
Jia falls asleep on couch. Someone in a hoodie comes close to her. The man has a knife in hand. Jia wakes up with water drops on her face. She says water… She sees the shadow of man in the water. That’s the end of Kindred hearts update Friday 15 November 2019 Zee World.

Updated: November 10, 2019 — 11:53 pm