Gangaa Thursday 28 November Update 2019 Zee World {Day 2}

November 28, 2019

Gangaa Thursday 28 November 2019 Update Zee Wold: On the second day, the show takes a leap. Ganga playfully throws water to defeat the group of boys break the water pot. She hurries through the corridor to find a girl crying, the girl complains she forgot her doll home. Ganga asks about her name, she replies its Falak. Ganga assures Krishna is always in one’s heart, you just have to close your eyes to spot; but he is never a friend of the children you cries. Falak cheers. Ganga comes out to see Krishna eating butter. A boy argued that Krishna can’t break the pot, Krishna brings about a catapult. The group of boys take Krishna along, a gift of 10,000 is fixed for them; everyone claps to welcome the group.

Gangaa Wednesday 27 November Update 2019 Zee World (Season 3 Begins)

Gangaa update Thursday 28 November 2019

Kashish comes to ask Ganga stop Krishna. Ganga was relaxed and doesn’t let Kashish go to stop Krishna, children must be taught courage and for that a mother has to get her heart strong. She asks what if Krishna even gets a bit hit. Krishna finally takes hold of the water pot, Ganga instructs her to focus and not to lose her hold. Krishna finally takes her stroller off to throw it down. Ganga was worried for her now, and asks her to keep her eyes over the pot. All at once, Krishna lost her hold and fell off. Ganga walks towards her worried. All the team mates gather around Krishna who was laughing, she notices the danger, then getting hold of her shoes she flee. All the children chase her.
Kashish comes to Krishna to save her, Krishna argues that her balance was lost because someone moved from among them. Ganga comes to save Krishna who complains that they called her a cheater and was about to hit her. Ganga calls Krishna a liar, she reached the pot but her attention was diverted as she smiled at her victoriously. That moment she was overpowered by her lust for victory, and made her lose. Krishna leaves angry. Ganga recalls the childhood of Sagar and thinks this girl got the anger of her father.
There, Sagar comes out of his car to walk inside. A girl was walking, she hits Sagar and her lipstick gets ruined. Sagar warns her to look ahead. Sagar comes to meet the delegates, one of the girls amongst them behaved flirtatiously. Sagar moves towards the bar. One of the men was recently engaged, Sagar congratulates him. The man tells Sagar he and Shehla were friends since childhood, he only loved her till he recognized love. Sagar thinks about Ganga, and shares he doesn’t believe in marriage. There is nothing like love, no girl can love us; she used them only for their benefit. He calls Shehla to be introduced to Sagar, it was the same girl who was flirting Sagar. Sagar notices her hold over his hand. Sagar withdraws his hand, Shehla looks towards Sagar while telling him about her love. Sagar wish him good luck and goes to attend a call.
Ganga comes looking for Krishna, she runs away from Ganga as she cares for other children more than her. Ganga insists on her, Krishna says she will move really away from Ganga. A hysteric old man was hearing this conversation. Ganga agrees to Krishna’s decision, then turns to share she will miss Krishna so she will bring Geeto to keep with her. Krishna calls Geeto as a mischievous girl. Ganga calls her a nice girl, and Tannu is also a good girl so she will give Krishna’s toys to Krishna. And she will give Krishna’s cycle to that Babloo as he has no cycle. She turns to allow Krishna leave. Krishna chases her, calling it unfair. Ganga asks if it isn’t unfair to leave her mummy. The old man was now walking towards Krishna. Ganga asks Krishna to think again, if she doesn’t leave everything including her mummy would belong to her. Krishna was ready. The hysteric man clutches Krishna tight, insisting she killed his child.


Ganga was trying to get Krishna rid of that hysteric.
Sagar comes towards the bar. Shehla finds him alone and keeps a hand over his, Sagar looks behind towards her fiancé then flirts with her that she looks stunning. He had been looking for a chance to compliment, if he snatch her from Pranap where he would go. Shehla challenge him to snatch her from Pranap then. Sagar kiss the back of her neck, asks her to go as he would get drinks. He writes a note for Pranap and sends it to him through a waiter. He walks towards a room where Shehla had been waiting bare legged on a bed. He gets the drink for her, teasing her. Shehla asks if he is afraid to come closer to her, he takes his coat off and unbuttons his shirt.
Pranap reads the note, if he needs to see the true color of Shehla he must come to room 112. Shehla and Sagar were close to each other, when Pranap and others come there. Sagar straightens, he tells him to see his fiancé and her true love for her. Shehla goes to Pranap to clarify she is innocent, and Sagar was the one to bring her here. Sagar asks if Pranap has great sense of humor, right. Shehla leaves enraged.
The boys around bring food for the crazy man, he leaves Krishna and takes the food. Krishna cries hugging Ganga. The boys tell Ganga that this man went crazy after his wife was killed near this temple and his daughter was accused of that murder. He attacks every girls since then considering her as his own daughter.
Pranap was upset, everyone tries to convince him that he deserves someone better than Shehla. Sagar insists that girls can never love; they can never be trusted. He think about his promises with Ganga, then denying to own the child. Sagar says every girl comes to you with a personal benefit, a person is always in pain when he lets himself get emotional.
Krishna was crying and asks Ganga what if something had happened. Ganga assures nothing can happen to her when she is around. She tells Krishna it is their faith on each other that make them live. She tells Krishna that her team had faith over her, she should have trusted them. Her loss was her team’s loss. Krishna must understand no one is perfect, but Ganga can try to be the best mother in the world, likewise Krishna must also try to be the best daughter. Krishna holds Ganga’s hand.
Sagar insists no one can stay with us forever, we came to the world alone and will have to leave the world alone as well.
Ganga and Krishna speak in the way, Ganga tells Krishna she was sure Krishna will never leave her mother, still she came behind her because Krishna is really important for her. They head towards home.
Sagar tells his mates, if they have to achieve something in life, they must keep themselves away from girls. No one can ever understand any girl completely.
There, Amma ji calls Maharaj who informs her that he was preparing for Zoya’s friends kitty party. Amma ji was angry as at Brahman’s place there are so many rituals to be performed on the day of Janmashtmi. Zoya comes there asking her to focus on her prayers at least at his age of life. Amma ji forbids her call her a Dadi. Zoya insists that Amma ji can’t do anything about her now. She touches her counter, Amma scolds her for impurifying it. Zoya complains that Amma ji actually impurified her parent’s relation, she never wanted her to live at home as well; she has taken Abbu’s permission already for the kitty party. Pulkit was annoyed that he has a meeting and can’t take Supriya to parlor. Supriya argues there is kitty party at home, she must go to parlor. Pulkit says he has taken an appointment with doctor, Supriya argues she doesn’t want to go to any doctor. They shout at each other, Pulkit leaves.
Ganga was busy with her work, while Krishna sat annoyed. She complains Ganga for not celebrating her birthdays ever. Ganga says she had thought about celebration this time, but since Krishna went without informing her she cancelled the plan. Krishna apologizes Ganga and requests her not to cancel her party. Ganga promises for the next year and was helpless in front of Krishna’s insistence, smiling she is exactly after her father. She agrees on thinking about birthday party, but next time she will buy Krishna a frock of her own choice. Kashish comes there, Ganga asks her to get ready, and also find chocolates for her friends in the bag. Krishna kiss Ganga before leaving. Ganga hurries for work when Sagar’s photo fell off her folder. Kashish holds it saying Ganga still loves him and is still waiting for him. Ganga denies. Kashish insists she is young and hot, still she didn’t allow anyone enter her life. Why she never thought about getting married in all these years. Gangaa Season 2 Thursday update 28th November 2019 Zee World