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Game of Love Wednesday 4 December Update 2019 Starlife: Shivaansh says Mannat, I believe you, look over there, the tea in those cups haven’t dried yet, it means someone just left, we need to go. The vendor says yes, a couple lived here, don’t know where they went, Ashish Malhotra and Deepti. Shivaansh asks for the phone. He shows Varun’s pic. The vendor says they are Ashish and Deepti, they used to live here. Shivaansh says it means Varun and Ashish is the same man, why did Varun lie to us and married Radhika, we need to find out about Ashish. He sees Mannat lost and asks why are you silent. She says I m still in shock. He says yes Varun cheated us. She says no, you said, you trust me, I got a feel hearing this. He sees police and hides with her. He says we got saved.

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Game of Love update Wednesday 4th December 2019 on Starlife

Game of Love 4 December 2019: Nandini points the gun and says you got caught, I didn’t expect this from you, you wanted to go jail and then you escaped, why. He says someone has conspired against my family. She says you should have told this to me before. He says sorry, I didn’t know this before, Mannat told me everything, I had accepted my crime by then, I thought to get proof first. Nandini says you helped Shivaansh in escaping. Mannat says I m trying to save an innocent man. Nandini says its the duty of law. Mannat says law just sees proof, not the heart. Shivaansh says give me 24 hours, I will catch the real culprit and get to you, else you can punish me. She gets a call and says no, he isn’t Shivaansh. She ends call. She says only 24 hours, don’t act foolish. Shivaansh thanks her and asks can I hug you. Nandini hugs him. She says I regard him as my son, take good care of him. Mannat says don’t worry, someone said, one must take care of oneself and ones he loves, its a noble deed. Nandini asks who said. Mannat says I did. Nandini smiles when he signs. He thanks her. She goes. He says we only have 24 hours. He coughs. Mannat says you need rest. He says we don’t have time. She says we will go to some hotel. He says how, we don’t have any ID or cash. She says we have goodwill, we can get in a hotel on the basis of faith, how long do you sleep always. He says 4-5 hours. She says I have 500rs. He says you can hardly get coffee for two, how will you get hotel room, its impossible. She says its my job to make this possible, come.

She gets him to some hotel and says its good, I read the reviews, we can pay on hourly basis. He doesn’t like it. She says we want the best room. The man asks for how many hours. She says 5 hours. The man says congrats. She says if you can manage for 3 hours, it will be best, we will save 200rs and can order some food also, its the best deal, they don’t even ask for IDs. He says you are seeing the strange people here. She says its the needy he says keep this expensive watch, I will take the room for the night. He gets the keys. They go to the room. He sees the flashy lights. She says wow, such a posh room. He says I can’t believe, I will spend the night in this cheap room. She says its the first time I m staying in a hotel, I didn’t have my own parents and house, I stayed with relatives at different hours, it was my dream to stay in a hotel, it got fulfilled. He says I m sure that you didn’t dream of one night hotel. She says its a five star hotel for me. She sees the things kept around. He looks at her and smiles.

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She enjoys her stay. She says I m making the bed. He asks her to sleep on the bed. She says you are sick and need rest, go and sleep on the bed. He sleeps. Mannat hears him coughing and wakes up. She thinks the light is disturbing him. She stands in front and blocks the light. Jaanejaan..plays…. Its morning, she sits there and sleeps. He wakes up and sees her falling. He runs to hold her. She wakes up. He asks did you sleep here. She says I came to sit here to block the light and fell asleep. He asks her to sleep. He asks what will you have. She smiles. She likes the parathas and eats. He looks on. She asks would you like to eat. He says no thanks. She says its very tasty, you won’t get beetroot juice here. She finishes the food. He asks are you done. She says yes. He asks do you remember the plan. She says yes.

Shivani asks Radhika to have some food. Radhika refuses to eat until Varun’s culprit gets punished. Nani says Varun and Shivaansh left us. She prays. Sahil consoles her. They see men getting some bags and boxes. Sahil asks who are you guys, whose stuff is this. Mannat says its mine. She walks in. Everyone looks on. Nani says you were with Shivaansh. Mannat says I m tired, shall we talk later. Radhika asks how dare you come here after helping Varun’s murderer escape from jail, get out. Mannat says I understand your sorrow, sorry I won’t leave, I m Shivaansh’s wife, I will stay here. Nani says but Shivaansh said he had ousted you. Mannat says a fight is natural to happen between husband and wife, you gave me respect as a bahu, won’t you welcome me, isn’t this my house. Nani says its your house, you were with Shivaansh… Mannat says thanks. She asks the men to put the stuff in her room. She shuts the door. She knocks on the trunk and asks Shivaansh to come out. He comes out of the trunk and sees her. He says I m feeling strange to enter my house as a thief. She asks how will you find out about Varun.

He says I m sure we will find something. She says lets go and inspect his room, come, what happened. He says it doesn’t feel right, I have to check Varun’s room. She says he is a fraud, he was married and ruined Radhika’s life, you are going jail for his murder, maybe he is alive. He says you are right, come. She looks out and signs him to come. Nani comes. Shivaansh hides. Nani says police said you helped Shivaansh escape, it means you know where is he, right. Mannat worries. She says I went to meet him at the jail, I got framed when he escaped, I was scared and everyone doubted me, they thought I m already involved, I came back to stay as Shivaansh’s life so that I can stay well, I don’t want to talk about it. Nani goes. Mannat comes to him. He says stay here, I will go to Varun’s room. She asks him to be careful. He checks the drawer. Radhika comes there. He hides. She says how did Varun’s clothes come here. She keeps back the clothes.

Radhika hugs Varun’s coat and cries. She keeps his clothes back in the cupboard. Shivaansh is hiding inside the cupboard. Shivani comes there to call Radhika. She says pandit is arriving for condolence meet. Radhika shuts the cupboard and goes. Shivaansh comes out and gets angry. He says I haven’t found anything here. He hits the frame and gets a sim card. He thinks why was this hiding there. He checks the sim and says maybe we get something from the phone records. Mannat says this is my number. He calls on her number. She says you remember this number, its the blackmailer’s number, who was calling me. He recalls of her words. He says this is an e-sim through which calls are made by internet, it means Varun was blackmailing you. Mannat says I know that the blackmailer used to call me from this house, I didn’t know he is from your family. He says no, he supported me in this fake marriage, it was his idea. He asks where do you fit in this. She says I don’t know, he had fixed bomb on Munni, so I had to marry you, I tried to tell you many times. He says why did he make me marry you. She tells what all Varun asked her to do.


He says its fine. She says I swear because you don’t believe me. He says I trust you. Jaanejaan…..plays…. She says I don’t know what that blackmailer wanted, when he asked me to change your medicines, I understood he wants to harm you, but I didn’t change the medicines. He asks her to say from the start. She says he asked me to steal medical report from O section. He says it means he wanted my medical report, what did you do of it. She says he asked me to come at back gate, he asked me to keep file and go, when I turned, file was missing. He says it means someone was with him. She jokes. He says we have to solve this mystery first.

Nandini says this work should be done soon. Shivaansh calls her and says I need your help, I want back gate footage of hospital CCTV. She says sure, if you call me like this, we both will be in trouble, your doctor asked you to take rest, your doctor will blame me, you will get it, take care. She ends call. He says stay with the family Mannat, they shouldn’t doubt that I m here. Mannat goes. Sahil asks the men to keep the photo, condolence meet will begin. He asks where is Mannat. Shivani and Radhika refuse to have Mannat in the meet. He says Mannat is Shivaansh’s wife, he is a murderer. Mannat comes and says don’t think Shivaansh is a murderer. Radhika taunts. Mannat says you know him since childhood, how can you believe this, he can sacrifice his life for his family. Nani says Shivaansh accepted that he killed Varun. Shivaansh looks on.

Mannat says you heard the police and what Shivaansh said, listen to your heart, Nani how can you believe that your upbringing can go wrong, I just want to say whatever Shivaansh does, there is a reason behind it, I completely trust him. Jaanejaan…plays…. Sahil says I m happy to hear this, someone is fighting with my Shivaansh by believing him. She goes to Mannat and says you here…. He says I just came. She asks did you hear what they said. He says no. She says they were talking about Varun. He says I didn’t hear anything, you should leave. She says strange, she trusts me so much, I didn’t trust her ever. Nani greets pandit and says it was a happy occasion when you came last time. Pandit says who can avoid fate, Varun came to me to talk about Shivaansh’s marriage, I didn’t know he will die so soon. Shivaansh thinks Varun changed the pandit so that marriage turns into real, what is his benefit. Mannat says commissioner madam has called. He checks the CCTV footage and asks who is this, if we can reach this man, we can find out the truth. He recalls Radhika and others’ words. He thinks bride and groom, I think they are involved, who is that bride. Chachi gets Munni home. Mannat hugs her. Mannat introduces Chachi and Munni to Nani. Chachi says I have come to offer my condolences, sorry to hear about Varun, he was a good human begin. Mannat asks how do you know him.

Chachi says people talk good about the one we lose. Nani says he used to take good care of everyone, he took our happiness. Munni shouts, bad uncle.. and points to Varun’s pic. Radhika scolds Munni. Shivaansh comes and asks what’s happening, is this Munni. He recalls meeting her. Munni asks him to beat the bad uncle, Varun, he had kidnapped her and fixed a bomb to her. Shivaansh hugs her. Mannat says she is talking about Varun, he told me that if I don’t marry you, he will get all the guests killed. Shivaansh asks Munni not to worry, he will teach a lesson to the bad man. Munni asks what about the other bad uncle, he is short, he kidnapped me and kept me hungry. He shows groom masked guy and asks was he the one. She says yes. Shivaansh says he seems to be a short man.

Mannat says I think I have seen him, someone took Munni along when our marriage completed. He says give me your phone, this is weird, it works as it wants. She says I bought this phone in sale. He calls Nandini and asks her to send sketch artist to find that man. The man gets some message and thinks how can this happen when Varun is….. Shivaansh hides from Khanna. Khanna asks Avi why are you calling from Shivaansh’s phone. Avi says I m missing Shivaansh a lot. Khanna says even I m missing him, don’t know how he is. Avi asks how can Shivaansh kill Varun, he is so good. Khanna says I m sure he didn’t murder Varun, someone is planning against him. Avi says I wish this was some bad dream. Khanna says I also want this to be a bad dream and someone wakes me up. Shivaansh laughs hearing them. He coughs. Khanna says Shivaansh….. Mannat comes coughing and says I have a bad cough, get a cough syrup for me. Khanna goes. Shivaansh sees Mannat. Jaanejaan….plays….

Shivaansh traps the man. He lifts his mask and asks where is Varun. The man asks who. Shivaansh says I have sent that message from Varun’s phone to call you. The man says I don’t know, I used to follow his orders, he used to pay me, I heard that he died and then I don’t know anything, he is Ashish Malhotra, let me go. Shivaansh says no way. He goes home and says until that man tells us about Varun, we can’t do anything, my 24 hours grace time will end. Mannat worries. Game of Love Wednesday 4 December Update 2019 Starlife