Game of Love Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 Starlife

Game of Love Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 Starlife

Game of Love 3 December 2019: Mannat says I know you can’t kill anyone, this is happening as I have sent you the pics of Varun and that woman, just because I worry for Radhika. Shivaansh asks which pics. She says the pics which I had sent on your phone. She shows the pics to him. He asks who is this girl with Varun. She says I don’t know, there was a temple near the shop, I saw Varun making this woman wear mangalsutra, he lied to Radhika, I tried to call you and then I sent these pics. He says I didn’t get any pics. She says I sent you the pics.

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He thinks I hope Radhika saw the pics and then they had a fight, but how can I believe this girl, she is a big fraud. He says you got the fake pics to blackmail Varun, you failed again. She says even though you don’t trust me, I trust you. Jaanejaan…..plays….. She says you took murder blame on your head. He says stay away from me and my family. She says you are doing wrong, instead of punishing them, you are letting the culprit free. He says just leave. She asks how long did you fight with Varun. He says 15-20 mins, Varun was misbehaving with Radhika and I had hit him. She says I have seen smoke in the footage, you can’t even breathe in smoke, you can’t murder anyone, someone said truth comes to light somehow. He asks who told. She says I did. He asks her to just go and not create more troubles. She goes. He says I want more evidence against me to make this case strong.


Everyone is upset at home. Nani cries blaming the fate. Sahil says we have to go for Varun’s last rites. Nani says I have seen Anika and Shivaye’s burning pyre in front of me, I can’t see this, look at Radhika, she isn’t handling herself, how will she handle this big sorrow. He says I will handle it all, don’t worry. Mannat meets the lawyer and says I know you can save Shivaansh, take this case, I will pay the fees, till then keep this, this was a gift from someone, this watch is priceless for me. He says it won’t make any difference when he is confessing the crime, no lawyer can save him. She says he is helpless and lying. He says then find the reason first. Sahil asks Shivaansh to think again. Shivaansh says I have to do this. Sahil gets the screwdriver and says I want your fingerprints on this, I just bribed some men and reached evidence room, hurry up. Shivaansh leaves his fingerprints on it by tightly gripping it. He says these are my tax papers, I added some zeroes, it should appear that Varun was stealing my tax and I caught him, this will be the motive, everyone will accept that I killed Varun. Shivaansh is in jail. The news of Shivaansh’s murder motive plays.

Mannat says don’t know why is Shivaansh doing this, how will I prove his innocence. Nandini says now we have a lot of proof, we have no option than to send you to jail. Shivaansh sees his family. He cries seeing Radhika in a white dress. Nani says Sahil has gone to perform final rites of Varun, Radhika didn’t have so much courage to go, look at her, you have made her a widow, she lost her husband and beloved brother, why did you do this, no one will forgive you. They all leave. Shivaansh says this is what I wanted, they hate me so much, they won’t be affected after my death, my life has become a short film, but the climax is written by Shivaansh. He goes. Khanna looks on sadly. Mannat prays for some way. Pandit says Lord will listen to your prayer, take this thread and tie to that wall, your wish will be fulfilled. She ties the thread and prays.

Mannat sees Varun’s wife there. She gets shocked. She thinks she is the same girl who was with Varun. She looks for her and follows. She reaches some house. She gets shocked seeing Varun’s marriage pic. She says it means she is Varun’s wife, why is she roaming like Suhaagan when Varun has died, I need to inform Shivaansh. Inspector stops her. She says let me in, I want to meet Shivaansh. Nandini says sorry, no one can meet him right now. Mannat says I m here to give him medicines. Nandini says let her go. Mannat goes to Shivaansh.


He turns to her and says you are back. She says scold me as much as you want, I will come again, I can’t see you like this, when you got jailed in Dhinchak Ishq scene, I cried watching that, I can’t see you like this. He says I m a murderer, everyone accepted you, why can’t you. She says my heart doesn’t agree. He says you have been in my house since a month, you mean you know me, how much can a fan know a star. She says not well, but a girl can know a man well, when two people stay in the same room in the same house, you are someone who never crossed your line in anger, I married you by cheat, you could have sent me behind bars, you didn’t do anything, you dropped me to my house, we used to share a room, you never made me feel that I m a girl, you get ready to fight with the world for your family, how can I believe that you killed Varun. He says nice speech, but court needs proof, not speech, you may leave. She says fine, but I want to tell you, I have seen that woman with mangalsutra and sindoor, she was with Varun in pic, I followed her and reached her house, I saw Varun and her marriage pic, I don’t understand, Varun isn’t alive, even then the woman was wearing sindoor and mangalsutra. He gets shocked.

Shivaansh asks Mannat to just go. She says there is a conspiracy, please try to understand. Constable asks her to come. Shivaansh coughs and gets breathless. Mannat worries. Constable opens the cell. Mannat gets in and holds Shivaansh. She cries and asks him to call the ambulance. Inspector says you can’t come along. She says I m his wife, if anything happens to my husband, I will not leave you all, I m going on and I will see who stops me. She sits inside the ambulance, holding Shivaansh’s hand and crying. She says you will be fine. He winks to her.


She realizes and acts. She says I was so scared, are you fine. He says yes, I think you are right, something is fishy, we have to run from here to find it out. She says you are an amazing actor. He says implement the plan first. She cries aloud. Doctor looks at her. She says you said we, and I felt so bad, it such an amazing feeling. She prays for her husband. Shivaansh signs her to stop overacting. Mannat asks doctor why is he staring at their private moment. Shivaansh hits on doctor’s neck and faints him. Mannat shows a catapult and says don’t you recognize this, I hit you with a stone, remember. Shivaansh asks why do you need it here. She says I will use it for us today. She uses the catapult to burst the tyre. The ambulance stops.

Shivaansh holds Mannat and looks at her. Inspector asks the man to hurry up and fix the puncture, Shivaansh is unwell. Mannat asks Shivaansh to just look there. Inspector sees them gone. He informs that Shivaansh has run away. Shivaansh and Mannat run. He coughs. She gives him water. He asks what shall I do now. She says we should hide. He says everyone knows me, they will be knowing that I have escaped. She says idea and gives him some clothes, and disguise things from her bag. She says now no one will be able to recognize you. He asks do you have a car in your bag so that we can escape. She says only if it would fit in. He asks her to come. They leave. They reach the Gurudwara. They think of each other. Jaanejaan…plays….

He asks why did you take big risk for me, you helped me escape, you are also a criminal for police now. She says I don’t care, I did this with a good intention, Lord will help both of us. He asks why did you help me, after what I did with you. She says I didn’t think so, when I heard you are in jail. I couldn’t stop myself, I had a belief that you are innocent. He asks how do you have faith in me. She says like I believe in Lord, I believe you. Tujhme rab dikhta hai….plays…. They pray. They take prasad together. He says I think you are right, its a big conspiracy, before police arrests me, I have to find out about Varun, I have a plan. She asks what plan. Reporters ask Nandini about Shivaansh. She says we were taking him to the hospital since he had a breathing problem, but he escaped. The family sees this news and gets shocked. Nandini says Shivaansh isn’t alone, his wife is with him, we are sure to find them. Nani asks is Mannat with Shivaansh, it means Mannat helped him escape. Khanna says I m worried for him, Lord please protect him. Sahil goes aside to call someone. He says Shivaansh is missing, find out where is he, quickly. Shivaansh says I m finding the exit.

Mannat says its there. He says I need a disguise or else people will recognize me. She says if you were a common man, it would be easy to escape from police. She jokes. She gets an idea and gives him a fake moustache. He asks do you carry fake moustache also. She says sometimes, I have to disguise myself like a man, I was running late and didn’t get a cab then.. He says I don’t want to hear your story. He fixes the fake moustache. He says you also changed your disguise. She says yes, everyone knows I m with you, star wives are celebrities. He says you are not my wife. She says but people think otherwise. He asks do you know Varun’s address. She says yes. A kid shows SSO to his mum. The lady says he isn’t SSO, police is looking for him. Shivaansh and Mannat turn away. He asks how will we go now. Mannat says I have an idea. They travel in the bullock cart. He asks is this your idea.

She says I will ask him to slow down, I was kidding, I know its moving slow, but we won’t be late. He says even the slowest vehicle is overtaking us. She asks bull to walk as it likes. They argue. He says I m trying to find the route. He says police can track your phone, switch it off, recall the route, where you saw that woman. Mannat says I saw that woman in the temple, when I went to pray for you. He asks for me? He looks at her. They reach the house. He checks the door. She shows the window. He opens it by difficulty and asks her to stay out and alert him if anyone comes. She says let me come with you. He asks why, are you scared. She says no, I get tensed sometimes, the one who stays back gets caught, as seen in films. He says fine, come. He gives his hand to her. She signs no. She goes in. Her dupatta gets stuck. He helps her. Jaanejaan….plays….. They see the vacant house. He asks are you sure it was this house. She says yes, Varun and that woman’s pic was right here, how did everything vanish so soon, see this portion is clean, I m not lying. He says Mannat. She says sorry. He says I trust you. Game of Love Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 Starlife.